[Grml] Custom user configs on grml

Ulrich Dangel mru at grml.org
Mon May 23 18:01:27 CEST 2011

* Richard Hartmann wrote [22.05.11 11:03]:
> Thus, my question: Is it worthwhile to include some user configs in
> grml? I am aware of the size constraints grml is facing, but RC files
> tend to be tiny and compress well. mrud is not sure if it's worth the
> trade-off, I think it is.

Yes, i don't like to include custom configs on the grml cd. And i think
it won't benefit anyone but the owners of the included configs.

It also raises some question like which config do we want to include?
What requirements do we use for the user provided configs? Must they be
documented? Should we just allow everything or do some basic QA? How
about updates? I also don't see the benefit if we just include some
configs from some people.

OTOH you can easily create customized grml cds with grml2iso (with
modified bootparamets to load the specific configuration and add your
config automatically) and put it on your fileserver.

| ./grml2iso -b "config=richih.tar.bz2" \
| -c dir/to/put/on/cd -o custom.iso grml.iso grml64.iso

> Great idea? Insane?

Another slightly different idea is maybe to provide a webservice for it.
Everyone can register a handle and specify the location of the archive.
You would specify the handle as a boot parameter and it would use the
webservice to get the location from the archive.

The only disadvantage is that it would only work with an internet
connection and everyone would have to host their files themselves.


P.S: With our current hosting situation (under-powered, old, not
project specific) i don't think we will provide such an service
in the near future.
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