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Mon Mar 7 16:20:41 CET 2011


* Dietmar Segbert [Sun Mar 06, 2011 at 03:07:00PM +0100]:

> i have installed grml squeeze on a asus eeepc 1005ha-m.
> I sue speakup and brltty, because i am blind.

> Now i want to use gnomes-orca with firefox and openoffice with gnome.

> At the moment i do not have installed gnome.
> If i do:

> grml-x

> the xserver starts, but i can not come back to the textconsole. ctrl-alt- 
> f(x) will not work, also not the ctrl-alt-bacspace to shutdown the  
> xserver.

This sounds strange. Are you speaking about Grml 2010.12?

> How can i set the xorg correct for the asus 1005ha-m?

It's supposed to work out of the box, if not it's either a bug in
X.org or in your hardware. :)

> How can i start the xserver to console tty7?

Should be the default, but you can force it running
'grml-x --force --display 7 ...'

> On my system are only the consoles tty1 to tty6for switching between  
> themself configurede, ist that correct?

For grml2hd: yes.

> Can i use orca with fluxbox?

Could work (never tried on my own though), but at least until you've
a working setup I recommend using it inside gnome before.
Installing gnome-core and 'grml-x gnome-session' (IIRC it's called
gnome-session) should do that.

Hope this helps,

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