[Grml] disk partition encryption roadmap

Ulrich Dangel mru at grml.org
Thu Jan 27 14:16:25 CET 2011

* T o n g wrote [25.01.11 18:02]:
> Question about disk encryption

There is also a thread on reddit about a similar topic.


> BTW, I just need a mini how-to about disk encryption, it does not need to 
> be in-depth or comprehensive but rather short and to the point, to allow 
> anyone with a minimum of linux disk encryption knowledge to create 
> encrypted memory sticks, USB disks, or partitions in minutes.

initial setup:
cryptsetup luksFormat $DEVICE
cryptsetup luksOpen $DEVICE $NAME
mkfs.$WHATEVER /dev/mapper/$NAME
mount /dev/mapper/$NAME /mnt/

umount /mnt
cryptsetup luksClose $NAME

cryptsetup luksOpen $DEVICE $NAME
mount /dev/mapper/$NAME /mnt

done :)

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