[Grml] grml custom installation on 1GB USB device ?

Sven Crouse svenc at snet.net
Wed Jan 19 17:45:56 CET 2011

Hi grml.  My computer has a no-award bios which suffers from problems
booting USB-HDD devices.  As I can tell I'm limited to a single 1GB
partition although iso images installed via dd do boot.  Currently I
have a usb device which boots kernel with an initramfs ( embedded ) that
activates raid ( metadata=1.2 ) and lvm on mirrored sata drives that
contain root partition.  I would like to replace this initramfs that
contains little sysadmin functionality with grml and see a few options
of how to realize:

1-grml persistency, but I think my bios constrains will make it
difficult to do iso leaving ~300MB enough for home-rw, live-rw, and

2-customizing an existing grml iso image to include a default grub entry
that mounts root=/dev/md0 with a fallback to grml ?

Other ways or suggestions ?


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