[Grml] Is nss-ldap missing from grml 2010.04 ?

Ulrich Dangel mru at grml.org
Sun Jan 2 20:54:17 CET 2011

* jonty wrote [02.01.11 16:01]:
> Hi All,
> I have been using grml for the last couple of months.  I am building a
> network of about 20 machines, all running grml, and I want them to share
> a single set of login names and passwords.  So I decided to configure
> OpenLDAP as a service on one machine and configure the other machines to
> find login+password from this service.

Are you sure grml is the right distribution? It is not meant to be used
as a normal desktop system. If you want to run normal Linux Desktops
just use a normal Distribution like Debian, Ubuntu, RHEL or Opensuse.

> This seems a strange omission from grml.  It contains slapd to run the
> service and several clients such as freeradius-ldap, libnet-ldap-perl,
> postfix-ldap, and smbldap-tools.  So why not libnss-ldap?
I think libnet-ldap-perl is a dependency. Postfix ldap i dont know but
we should probably remove it, yes.
> I could install libnss-ldap on each client machine.  But then I have to
> repeat those same steps on 20 machines, which makes it 20 times more
> likely I will make a mistake somewhere.
You can remaster the cd yourselv via grml-live, use the netscript
bootoption to download a script from some server and execute it or
scripts to run a script from the cd.

> I tried "apt-get install libnss-ldap" on a test machine.  This started
> updating libc-bin and installing locales, which seemed a good way of
> breaking the distro.  

Thats the normal way. And its very unlikely that it will break your

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