[Grml] [solved] Libvirt and grml

Ulrich Dangel mru at grml.org
Mon Feb 7 03:46:50 CET 2011

* T o n g wrote [07.02.11 01:43]:
just a little bit nitpicking:

> > Is libvirt supported by grml out of box?
> $ ls /lib/modules/2.6.36-grml64/kernel/drivers/virtio
> virtio.ko  virtio_balloon.ko  virtio_pci.ko  virtio_ring.ko

JFTR libvirt does not need virtio. libvirt is just a toolkit/api for
different virtualization frameworks.

So yes libvirt should run on grml, but it does not have anything to do
with virtio per se.

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