[Grml] removal of "buffer" command? alternatives?

Csillag Tamas cstamas at digitus.itk.ppke.hu
Wed Dec 28 11:08:29 CET 2011


On Wed, Dec 28, 2011 at 02:28:13AM +0100, Ulrich Dangel wrote:
> * Tom {Tomcat} Oehser wrote [28.12.11 00:45]:
> Hi,
> > Hmmm... 'atop' also?  Not as bad as 'buffer', but, I'm having withdrawal.
> Yes, have a look at htop instead.
> > Is there a list of what was removed?
> Yes, you can either create your own list by comapring the dpkg selection
> files or use
> http://daily.grml.org:8080/job/grml64_Release/25/artifact/changelog.txt
> which has a removed section 

I am a bit sad glancing on that list.
Some of the tools removed are big (ok, so one can accept that and it
can be justified), but most of them are small so from the size point
of view it does not help if you remove.

I name just a few:
awesome (i do not use this a friend does)
build-essential (so from now on building inside grml will be not that easy)
gcc, g++ also gone...
comgt (180k)
dns2tcp (201k) (I am using this if I stay at a hotel with insane internet rates)
emacs23 (this is a beast I know, more than one friend use this)
firmware-qlogic (this means that it will not boot on server containing FC card?)
postfix (I was using this for educating mailing basics also good for
pppoe (no one with adsl anymore?)
runit (520k)
rxvt-unicode (this was part or the release from the begining)
zsh-lovers is your package afaik

If a tool is used when you are online it makes sense to remove it (nsd,
bind9) and one can reinstall easily.
If you remove pppoe how can one connect facing an adsl connection?
If an package mostly used offline is removed a functionality is lost.

I make my /boot 1Gb to be able to put a grml there for recovery

I used to make my own (remaster) grml flavour and a bit of this or
that. But now that most of the tools gone maybe I will just stick to
the old one.

I used to recommend grml to friends who are not that experienced to
make their own grml (and to tell the truth most of us are just lazy or
lack the time).

What kind of testing is needed to get (most/some of) the tools back
on the cd? I used to be around on IRC, but when some folk switched
from english I was unable to follow the conversation so I dropped out.

I want grml to be *the* rescue/sysadmin cd again not just one of the
bootable linux cds out there.

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