[Grml] Grml 2011.12 trolling^W comments from disappointed user(s)

Paweł azhag Sadkowski azhag.debian at gmail.com
Sat Dec 24 11:18:11 CET 2011


first: congratulations with the new release.

However I want to share with you some thoughts about new Grml.

Up to Grml 2011.05 you were providing excelent set of tools for
everything, I'm not sure if there was a single job one couldn't do
with Grml (besides playing with wobbly windows or OOo/LO stuff, but
thats not what admins usualy do ;-)). From my point of view Grml was
livecd one of the kind. I did lots of advocating, had lots of
conversations like "I prefer XYZ", "Look at all that tools in Grml,
you can do all stuff you do in XYZ and many more", "Oh, it really
looks nice". My personal motto of Grml was "What can't you do?".

And then comes 2011.12. Many apps, many tools were removed. Now I
can't tell the difference between Grml and SystemRescueCD, PLD Rescue
CD, Repair Is Possible and others. Grml for me lost it's identity,
just another rescue live cd. I already twice faced question "Why
should I use Grml not SystemRescueCD? SRCD has some tools I need, Grml
doesn't". Those tools were already (re-)added by mrud (one in rc1, so
it's in final release), but the damage has been done -- one user
replied "I better stick to distro that already have what I need
without asking", other won't use Grml until next release. Another
person actually listed $LONG_LONG_LONG_LIST_OF_REMOVED_TOOLS and asked
"What can you do with Grml (except grml-debootstrap)?!". I couldn't
find the answer.

Is there any chance that since next release you will change your
priorities back to <=2011.05 state? Or at least can you add -extended
verison of Grml, similar to good old -full? Probably I can help with that,
if you need some.

Kind regards,
Paweł azhag Sadkowski

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