[Grml] sound appears to be muted

Ulrich Dangel mru at grml.org
Tue Dec 20 00:25:52 CET 2011

* John Heim wrote [19.12.11 20:02]:
> >http://jenkins.grml.org/job/grml-full-amd64/774/artifact/2011-12-16_11-03-41/grml_isos/autobuild_2011-12-16_11-03-41.iso
> I'm getting a 403 not found error when accessing that URL.

Sorry jenkins keeps just the last 10 builded ISOs.

The latest version is
which should beep on the isolinux prompt and play 3 sounds in grub.

If the link is no longer available please go directly to
http://jenkins.grml.org/job/grml-full-amd64/ and just download the
latest ISO. JFTR (for the persons just reading this message) this is
grml 64bit and requires a 64bit cpu.

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