[Grml] ssh server with grml_2011.12-rc1

John Heim jheim at math.wisc.edu
Thu Dec 15 16:20:34 CET 2011

From: "Ulrich Dangel" <mru at grml.org>
To: <grml at ml.grml.org>
> It seems that this is the correct commandline. I just tested it and it
> works for me. Is there maybe a firewall in between? Otherwise can you
> test if there is a sshd running on the machine with pidof sshd? You can
> also try to access the ssh daemon from the machine itself with:
> ssh grml at grml.local
> which should ask for the password of the host.

I got it to work. Part of the problem was that I forgot abut having to press
tab before typing in the cheat code. But another thing I was doing wrong is
being too quick to try to log in. The ssh daemon doesn't start until about 5
seconds after the tone. Even after I was entering the cheat code correctly,
I ran both an ssh command and an nmap before the daemon started.

I actually verified this... I can type 'ssh hostname', listen to it say
"connection refused", and run nmap all in the time between the tone and when
the daemon starts. Welll, I'm currently testing on an old Dell 280. So that
might be part of the problem too.

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