[Grml] Boot options

Christian Hofstaedtler ch at grml.org
Thu Dec 1 09:22:40 CET 2011

* Philippe Delavalade <philippe.delavalade at sfr.fr> [111130 18:33]:
> So, I would like to know if it's possible to avoid the step of boot
> options. I guess it's possible to remaster the iso but maybe there is
> something more simple and handy.

grml2iso, which is shipped together with grml2usb as a Debian
package, can rebuild the ISO you have and add custom boot options.

I think the invocation will be something like this:

grml2iso -o grml_custom.iso -b "blind brltty=pm,usb:,fr at FR lang=fr-iso" grml_2011.05.iso


christian hofstaedtler

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