[Grml] need help fast sta

martin yazdzik myazdzik at verizon.net
Mon Sep 20 22:56:42 CEST 2010

Dear friends at grml,

Please forgive the need for something quick,  but I have no wired
connexion here and need some help.

I have have downloaded, I think, the .debs for the broadcom sta driver
to my home folder.

I need to install grml, after two years, because I did something

Fortunately, my home directory in on separate partition, so how do I:
a: install grml while keeping that partition as home? (Had I the
internet more than a few minutes a day I could google this
b. include the sta drivers as part of the installation.  Last time I
simply used ndiswrapper, but that was a while ago.  If that still works,
then I can go that route, but I cannot remember offhand if I can do a
complete GRML install and not need a wire ever.
c. I am presuming the nvidia drivers still work with grml, and there is
not a kernel version that borks that.  I inadvertently installed
something without really reading it(yes, you make attack my stupidity, I
deserve it).  

I need, as I work in the arts, the very latest flash viewers and so on,
but one of the updates to squeeze needed udev which needed a kernel, so
instead of thinking, I am now in Panama with no real laptop.

Any help to get me into gnome with all my apps via sta, with 3d working
would mean a lot.

I am supposing that sta is not included on the cd, and, no, ubuntu is
not for me, thanks anyway. 

Thanks again to all of you,


Fronti nulla fides. 

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