[Grml] grml2usb installation structure consideration

Ulrich Dangel mru at grml.org
Sat Jun 19 11:11:08 CEST 2010

* T o n g wrote [17.06.10 19:08]:
> [ Other directory layout for grml2usb]
> use directories instead of defined locations, e.g.
> /os/some-thing vs /{live,boot}...

First of all good idea, but this is hard to implement at least with
isolinux, you would still need at least one isolinux directory for all.

Oh and just copying by hand will also not work OOTB with syslinux, you
would need grub for it or extend syslinux.

The problem is that can not be done without proper investigation and
porting all grml specific utils to the new layout, and the layout should
be as similar as possible to the layout of a normal Grml-CD as you do
not want to have two different code base for it.

But I really like the idea.


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