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Thu Jul 22 01:04:06 CEST 2010

On Wed, 21 Jul 2010 22:11:32 +0200, Michael Prokop wrote:

>> >> - how would bootid work with integrating multiple-grml on the same
>> >> USB?
>> > grml2usb takes care of it.
>> > Basically the process is:
>> > If no /conf/bootid.txt is present, generate a random id and write it
>> > to /conf/bootid.txt.
>> > Read /conf/bootid.txt and adjust the bootid parameter for every
>> > specified iso.
>> Thanks for the reply.
>> OK, if I build my own flavour of grml via grml-live, and I want to
>> install it to the same USB key that an official flavour of grml has
>> been installed, would it be possible?
>> According to the above, it seems impossible to me because there is only
>> one /conf/bootid.txt file on the USB key and the content in mine would
>> be different than the official one.
> grml2usb generates the bootid for you, so it's supposed to "just work"
> for your own flavour of grml. If it doesn't work it's a bug.

Sorry I still don't get it.

Say when grml2usb installing grml-small and generates a bootid of grml-
small-123. Then when grml2usb installing my own flavour of grml, it 
generates another bootid of my-own-456. Now grml-small expect that the 
bootid is grml-small-123, and mine being my-own-456. My understand is 
that only one of them can boot now. which part I've figured wrong?


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