[Grml] grml-debootstrap problems

Michael Whapples mwhapples at aim.com
Mon Feb 15 15:29:09 CET 2010

I am trying to install debian using grml-debootstrap but I get an error 
about it not finding MAKEDEV. I retried but adding the makedev package 
to /etc/debootstrap/packages but it still fails with the error. Infact 
it seems like the packages in /etc/debootstrap/packages are not being 
installed (eg. what is left in the mount point doesn't contain zsh 
either or commands related to other packages I try and add).

This is just using the standard grml 2009.10 CD.

It has just occurred to me, I never do anything to update packages on 
the CD first, was there a problem with the grml-debootstrap on the 
2009.10 CD?

Michael Whapples

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