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Use virtual terminals in Linux.  One for root, and then ctty 2 <cr> into a 
second terminal and log in with a different account and bring the book up 
in that second account.  Read with lynx and hit the (!) command to get you 
a secondary shell.  Then type ctty 1 <cr> and youre back in your root 
account ready to key in those instructions.  Then ctty 2 <cr> and then 
type exit <cr> and you're back in the book where you left off.  A 
suggestion in root is to log what instructions you followed along with 
their results.  If you're not sure of something you're about to do, type 
script <cr> first and after you did it type exit.  That'll get you a 
transcript in a file called typescript you can review later.  Especially 
useful since if lots of output hits the screen real fast your typescript 
file will save all of it for you.  Those typescript files are properly 
reviewed and used as inputs for your log entries and dates and times also 
need to go in your root log as well so if a sequence of events needs to be 
reconstructed later those times and dates will make that process possible 
too.On Thu, 1 Jan 2009, Josh wrote:

> Hi,
> wow I did not know I could read the linux cookbook online until I did a 
> google search for it and found it online. But here's a problem I need to 
> overcome, and if anyone has already overcome this being blind, can you share 
> how you did it? Ok, so for me to practically use this cookbook, I will need 
> to:
> *be able to somehow read the book and then go to my computer and follow the 
> directions.
> so I would need two computers? one to read the book on, and another to have 
> grml Linux on. or
> *have a braille copy of the Linux cookbook so I therefore only need one 
> computer and can read the braille copy to refer back to.
> Josh
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