[Grml] Release Candidate 1 of grml 2009.10 available

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Tue Oct 27 23:56:11 CET 2009

* Michael Schierl <schierlm at gmx.de> [20091027 21:51]:
> Maurice McCarthy schrieb:

> > By the way the all-in-one addon was no help as it is only geared to
> > the old grub and grub2 has no menu.lst file, as you know. 

> Erm... The all-in-one disk includes both Grub1 and Grub2 - you can load
> Grub2 (0.96) from within Grub1. There you can type "configfile" and
> (hopefully) load your Grub config :)

> In addition, in 2009.10-rc1 you can try to boot MirBSD but then go back
> to GRML from the boot menu, which will bring you to Grub2 as well.

Thanks for mentioning that, Michael.

One further additional note: the stable release will provide direct
access to Grub2 and Grub1 through the Addons menu in the bootsplash:


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