[Grml] alien /usr volume and grml

Darshaka Pathirana dpat at syn-net.org
Mon Oct 26 19:38:23 CET 2009


On 10/25/2009 08:20 PM, T o n g wrote:
> I guess there won't be any problem any more nowadays, but just want to be 
> sure, and know what factors should be considered when making the move. 
> E.g., the last 2 parameters in /etc/fstab (dump & proc) should be 0 0, 
> correct?

There should be absolutely no problem by putting /usr on a
seperate partition or LV.

My /usr-line looks like this:

/dev/mapper/nautilus.usr /usr            ext3    relatime 0       2

And quoting "man fstab":

| The  sixth field, (fs_passno), is used by the fsck(8) program to deter‐
| mine the order in which filesystem checks are done at reboot time.  The
| root  filesystem  should  be specified with a fs_passno of 1, and other
| filesystems should have a fs_passno of 2.  Filesystems within  a  drive
| will  be checked sequentially, but filesystems on different drives will
| be checked at the same time to utilize  parallelism  available  in  the
| hardware.   If  the sixth field is not present or zero, a value of zero
| is returned and fsck will assume that the filesystem does not  need  to
| be checked.

> How about if I make /usr a symlink to a folder on another volume? E.g., 
> will normal package installation/removal be ok with a symlinked /usr?

Should work but I would recommend putting /usr in a seperate

 - Darsha

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