[Grml] Easiest way to install Debian with grml-debootstrap

Michael Schierl schierlm at gmx.de
Wed Oct 21 19:14:41 CEST 2009

Keith Hinton schrieb:
> Hi.
> I've heard a lot about grml-debootstrap, GRML's debian installation
> script. I am assuming this does not install sid (but stable)

It installs stable by default, but claims to be able to install
oldstable, stable, testing and unstable. I have only used it to install
stable by now.

> Hear is what I was wondering.
> 1.
> What is the easiest way to get a debian installation going with it,
> (as I am no Debian exbert) and will be using the Speakup support in

1. Partition your disk (using cfdisk or parted or whatever you prefer).
   You do not need to format the partition, but making it bootable never

2. Start grml-debootstrap and follow the instructions (it will ask about
   where to install to, where to install from and the root password).
   Alternatively you can give all these parameters on the command line,
   see man grml-debootstrap.

3. Wait some time (depending on your network speed).

4. Afterwards your Debian installation is finished. You only have to
   reboot into it. It will be a minimal Debian installation with a few
   more packages listed in /etc/debootstrap/packages. Use apt-get to
   install other things you want to have.

> 2. Is it difficult to get the isntallation done?

If you just want plain Debian, no. If you need more before booting it
(like speakup), you will have to chroot into your installation and add
what you need (aptitude install ...).

> 3. How can I get a grml-kernel (because it includes speakup)
> downloaded into the new Debian isntallation, as the stock kernel will
> not talk out of the box.

There is a prepackaged version of speakup available in package
speakup-modules-2.6-686, but I don't know how current it is and whether
it supports all the speak options included with GRML.

I do not think espeakup is packaged for Debian stable; it is available
in testing and unstable.

When I find some time later, I might try to get a vanilla Debian Lenny
(installed with grml-debootstrap) to (software-)speak, but I cannot
promise anything.

Hope this helps,


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