[Grml] grml 2009.05 on cisco asa

fred kbcboy at gmail.com
Tue Oct 13 04:19:12 CEST 2009

> Hehe funny idea to but on cisco asa. :)
Actually I can think of some cases where linux does much better than
vanilla cisco such as packet mangling, can integrate snort etc.  All
on a tiny piece of hardware designed for networking.  For around $300
the 5505 is not bad.  Not near as cheap as a linksys but the hardware
is better, more ram, flash media, cpu.

> Does booting with additional kernel options "edd=off acpi=off noacpi
> noapic" change anything?

I did try bot acpi=off, and noapic. I'll try the other stuff.  I did
manage to boot an ASA 5510 with same grml flash card.  But it landed
in the busybox limited command.  I assume it failed to load the
filesystem on the flash.  I was just experimenting, the 5510 is too
expensive to seriously consider for long term. I want to recompile the
kernel, have the kernel load the boot option to /dev/sda1

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