[Grml] Test of Antivirus engines on GRML

Andreas Gredler jimmy at grml.org
Mon Nov 23 11:07:06 CET 2009

On Sat, Nov 21, 2009 at 08:22:23PM +0100, Michael Schierl wrote:
> Hi,
> I tested a few antivirus engines in the last weeks and I wanted to
> summarize what I found out (all engines I tested could be used on a GRML
> live CD which is very cool) but it seems I cannot create pages in the wiki?

I've created one for you that you can edit.

> ClamAV
> ------
> Clamav has the advantage it is included in grml. Unfortunately as of
> writing this, the scan engine is not the latest one available. You can
> scan anyway, a few of the newest signatures will not work, though.
> Update command: freshclam
> scan command: clamscan /mnt/somewhere

Did you try to upgrade the debian package to the latest version?

BTW: Had to clean some machines, too, recently. In my case clamav missed
a lot of viruses/trojans :-(

> Avast and Panda
> ---------------
> Avast provide download for trial versions for their Linux products only
> by e-mail. So, if you really want to try them, fill in their web forms
> and receive link and license file by e-mail.

avast4workstation can be downloaded directly:
You still need the license key though.

Thx for documentating your work.

greets Jimmy

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