[Grml] Test of Antivirus engines on GRML

Michael Schierl schierlm at gmx.de
Sat Nov 21 20:22:23 CET 2009


I tested a few antivirus engines in the last weeks and I wanted to
summarize what I found out (all engines I tested could be used on a GRML
live CD which is very cool) but it seems I cannot create pages in the wiki?

So, I just post the stuff here:


Running antivirus software on GRML 2009.10 (Hello-Wien)

This is a list of antivirus software that has been tested to work or not
work on GRML. Fortunately, all software I tested worked on GRML 2009.10
(which was quite different when I did this test a year ago). But of
course that was not GRML's fault.


Clamav has the advantage it is included in grml. Unfortunately as of
writing this, the scan engine is not the latest one available. You can
scan anyway, a few of the newest signatures will not work, though.

Update command: freshclam
scan command: clamscan /mnt/somewhere


Avira is free for non-commercial use and a free 30-day trial is
available for commercial use.

Personal: http://www.free-av.de/en/download/download_servers.php
(Direct download:

To install:
  tar xfvz antivir_*.tar.gz
  cd antivir-*

When prompted (except for the license) just accept the default. Dazuko
will not work because grml's kernel does not support it, but you can
continue anyway. You *have* to say Y (which is default) for installing
dazukofs, though (even if you don't have the kernel module), since
otherwise even the on-demand scanner will not start.

Before updating/scanning, start the avguard daemon: avguard start
Update command: avupdate --product=Guard
Scan command: avscan /mnt/somewhere


F-Prot Antivirus for Workstations is available free for non-commercial
use as well and as trial for commercial use.

Website: http://www.f-prot.com/download/home_user/download_fplinux.html
Direct link:

To install:
  tar xfvz fp-Linux-i686-ws.tar.gz
  cd f-prot

(just accept the defaults, it will update signatures automatically when
installation is finished)

Scan command: fpscan /mnt/somewhere


Bitdefender provides a Debian package (that works on GRML):


AVG provides a Debian package (that works on GRML) as well:

Avast and Panda

Avast provide download for trial versions for their Linux products only
by e-mail. So, if you really want to try them, fill in their web forms
and receive link and license file by e-mail.

Avast *does* work on GRML, Panda for some reason did not send me a
download link at all. Perhaps you have more luck? ;-)




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