[Grml] I got Espeakup finally to work

Michael Whapples mwhapples at aim.com
Thu May 28 14:32:09 CEST 2009

Before saying more on this it may be worth reading the speechd-up 
documentation http://cvs.freebsoft.org/doc/speechd-up/. The problems 
page may describe what's going on better. I also will have a good read 
of it before saying more.

I don't know about the possibility of posting to the speakup list 
without being subscribed, I guess probably not as it has some stupid 

Unless there is anything to do in GRML's swspeak I would suggest 
possibly moving this to the speakup list.

Michael Whapples
On 28/05/09 13:02, Hermann wrote:
> On 28.05.2009 at 13:38:56 Michael Whapples<mwhapples at aim.com>  wrote:
> [...]
>> Regarding the replacing of speakup's tables, I thought speechd-up did
>> that, may be I am thinking of 0.4, have you tried updating speechd-up to
>> that (it would require compiling it from source as GRML comes with
>> speechd-up 0.3).
> I tried both versions, but the same result:
> In general, when Speechd-up is used, the German text is spoken well,
> except the punctuation chars and the numbers, and with the two letters
> "a" and "z", the latter you mentioned.
> When moving the cursor char by char, those strange char naming comes
> up, due to the fact, that chars of>127 are not recognized.
> The difference to Espeakup is, that, out of the box, it doesn't work at
> all in German, and when the characters file is adjusted, it spells right
> when moving cursor-left-right, but it doesn't read the umlauts when
> reading German text. This all is fixed for Espeak since 0.6 together with the
> modified characters file.
> So my conclusion is, that the main issue is in Speakup, since everything
> works well when I use built-in speech support of Brltty or Suse-Blinux.
> I hope I could clarify things a bit.
> Is it possible to write to the Speakup list when one is not subscribed?
> Because I didn't use Speakup for a while, I left the list.
> Hermann

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