[Grml] grml-live vs. debian-live (vs. FAI)

Darshaka Pathirana dpat at syn-net.org
Wed May 6 11:21:15 CEST 2009


The subject says it all: I was trying to find out a short outline
why one should use the one or the other.

As far as I can unsterstand it after a short evaluation is that both
are able to do nearly the same. Both use debootstrap and are able to
define hooks and afterwards a ISO is created.

The advantage of grml-live seems to be the usage of the FAI-class
concept but debian-live seems to be the more "official" way to do it.

My motivation is a bit different than *-live and FAI provide. *-live
are intended to build a Live-CD and FAI deploys a system on a
running machine (by PXE or Boot-CD).

I do NOT need a bootable ISO. I need the possibility to install
Debian into a USB-Device or CF-Card. So I actually use the
base.tar.gz (created by FAI or by an other installation) to untar it
onto the target from my running system. Afterwards again some hooks
are run and the bootloader is installed. I think this is ridiculous!
There must be a better way.

Any thoughts about this?

Thanks && HAND,
 - Darsha

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