[Grml] madwifi for grml-small

Josh Lawrence hardbop200 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 19 14:43:15 CET 2009

Hello everyone,

Last night I installed grml-small on my laptop to give it a spin (had
been using the larger version of grml).  I needed to install madwifi
drivers, but none were available.  uname -r tells me that I'm running
2.6.26, but the madwifi modules available are of 2.6.23 and earlier.
module-assistant was not able to build the modules b/c the source was
not available in the repos.

Can you give me any tips as to how to get this working?  It's not a
major issue at all, I can always go back to the larger version, but it
still would be nice to know where I'm going wrong.

Thanks all!


Josh Lawrence

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