[Grml] GRMLCFG working on 2008.11?

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Mon Mar 16 09:46:30 CET 2009

* Johannes Kastl <ojkastl at gmx.de> [20090314 17:16]:
> On 3/13/09 12:39 AM Michael Prokop wrote:

> > This is a known limitation because GRMLCFG is used too late in the
> > bootprocess for some stuff like language settings. I forwarded this
> > issues to our bug tracking system:

> Maybe one could workaround the network by just stopping and restarting
> the network interfaces?

Well, grml uses pump as dhcp-client for every existing network
interface (by default, can be disabled using the nodhcp bootoption).
The main reason for this is that it's faster to just invoke pump for
each interface in the background than setting up
/etc/network/interfaces and/or invoking dhclient. The timing is
important because when booting grml finished people expect to have a
working network setup (if DHCP is available in the network). If they
can't access the network stright after booting they might think that
something is broken because the network doesn't work yet - even
though it's usually just a slow DHCP server. ;)

What would work is booting with bootoption nodhcp, setup
/etc/network/interfaces via GRMLCFG and provide a simple grml.sh
script on the GRMLCFG device which just executes
'/etc/init.d/networking restart'.

I'm thinking about moving the GRMLCFG stuff from the end of the
bootprocess to the beginning. Nowadays thanks to udev we have most
relevant parts of the hardware recognition stuff available soon
after init(8) is invoked. Just LVM and SW-RAID might be possible
showstoppers for some GRMLCFG users, though supporting them through
something like /etc/init.d/bootlocal.last would be possible anyway.
And the benefit of the reording could be possible checks in the
bootprocess whether network interfaces are already set up and skip
invocation of pump then.

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