[Grml] Accessibility stuff: was: Re: I got Espeakup finally to work

Michael Whapples mwhapples at aim.com
Mon Jun 8 10:12:05 CEST 2009

I would agree. As far as I know for self voicing emacs there's either 
emacspeak which requires either a hardware synth or viavoice which is 
commercial, or speechd-el which can use speech-dispatcher, so speechd-el 
and speech-dispatcher seems to be the best free solution for software 
self voicing of emacs. In most other cases (eg. you mention brltty) 
there are alternatives (eg. brltty I thought can use espeak directly). I 
would like to accept speech-dispatcher as the obvious choice for speech 
output but unfortunately its problem with crashing from time to time (I 
think it was you Hermann who said it has something to do with its ALSA 
support) makes me personally want to back away from it. Although I have 
my personal feelings on speech-dispatcher I accept there are reasons to 
use it so would say it should stay if possible.

Michael Whapples
On 07/06/09 21:41, Hermann wrote:
> Just one brief remark regarding Speech-dispatcher:
> It should stay on GRML, because it is used as speech output by other 
> a11y apps, above all Brltty. It is also supported by other screen 
> readers like Suse-Blinux.
> But besides that, Espeakup is good stuff.
> Hermann
> (No need for quoting in this case, I think).

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