[Grml] The installed GRML boots very slow

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Mon Jun 1 23:59:41 CEST 2009

* Hermann <meinelisten at onlinehome.de> [20090522 16:14]:

> while checking out your list archive, I found that this was brought up
> some months ago, but I repeat it:
> I installed the release candidate of GRML 2008-11 on my desktop machine,
> and since that I had to observe a slow boot process.
> My hard drive start spinning and then stops for a long time till it
> starts moving again. I guess that in the meantime there runs the
> hardware detection. But why lasts this procedure so long?
> Anything wrong with that entries?
> What can I change? I remember that deactivating udev detection is no
> good idea.

When booting with noudev the problem isn't visible?
If so try finding out which driver takes so long to initialize.
Look at output of lsmod of a system running without the use of
noudev and manually load the drivers. Also check out dmesg and the
timing information at the beginning of each line.

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