[Grml] Booting 2008.11 takes 4 minutes!

Michael Schierl schierlm at gmx.de
Sat Jan 24 15:53:59 CET 2009

Hubert Gabler schrieb:
> I use grml 1.1 but wanted to test the new 2008.11 version. I noticed 2 
> very annoying features: When it reads "Searching for grml file, this 
> might take a few seconds" in reality it takes 3:30 minutes before the 
> program continues.

When you have it booted and cat /proc/partitions, how many entries are
displayed there?

How many entries are in the /sys/block/ directory?

What filesystems are on your partitions?

Since it scans all devices for the grml file (which could be either on
an USB or on a CDROM), slow external devices or partitions that need
some time for mounting can slow this process down here.

But I never had more than a few (~30) seconds delay at that point, so it
must be something in your setup.

> But only to stop again at "Waiting for /dev to be 
> fully populated" for about 30 seconds.

Yeah, I noticed this delay as well. No idea why it got that slow in the
latest version. OTOH, as I use grml mainly as a rescue disk, I prefer a
30 seconds delay to work around some hardware issues (if that was the
reason for the delay) to a GRML that might not boot on the hardware
where I need it.

You might use noudev instead, but that will break automatic detection of
external devices and some other things (so I would only use it if the
machine freezes or reboots at that stage).


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