[Grml] serious problem with hardware autodetection while installing GRML by using grml2hd script

Mgr. Janusz Chmiel chmiel at phil.muni.cz
Mon Jan 5 14:23:24 CET 2009

Dear core developers of GRML,

    I would like to inform You, that i experienced serious problem with hardware autodetection. When i finished installing grml by using grml2hd script, the system gives me varning, that sound mixer can not be set and all plug and play devices, such as USB compatible braille display can not be used. The main reason of this is, that special script for configuring xserver, which can be launched during installation could not finish it's work. Sudo displaied some error message and i had to terminate The algorithm of program for configuring xserver. Hardware and service configuration tool did not caused errors, so my pleasment is, if You could find the cause, why sudo could not work and tool for configuring hardware for xserver could not executed it's job successfully. Because xserver will be unfortunately probably executed by default, and i do not know, how to force kill it, if killall gdm will help me, how to activate console, CTRL altf1 do not work. When login window appear.
And i do not know, how to remove xserver when booting from A live CD. 
Please, if You could enable option, install for visually impaired users to grml2hd script, so no xserver will be installed and user would have possibility to start swspeak Speakup screen reader and could install gnome for his need, everythink would be very good.

I solved boot problems, i started to using smart boot manager and i would like to recommend this boot manager to all visually impaired users, because this boot manager can be installed to A floppy and after booting from this floppy, user can choose which operating system to boot and boot manager will not install on A hard drive. GAG will install on A floppy, but installation process must be perform in the mode, when gag is started from floppy disk. And installation can not be probably made to A floppy.

so if You do not want to modifi Your first track of Your harddisk, I Am highly recommending You to use smart boot manager, the errors with hardware can not becaused by the fact, that i booted by using this boot manager.

Smart boot manager is very little program, and installation can be made from running Windows operating system, but while using DOS prompt. But user has full control during installation, other boot managers must be installed very often from The boot media and screen readers are not able to work in those programs.
So please, if core developers of grml2hd script could repair bug while xserver hardware configuration starts, it would be ok. GRML2script is recommending users to ansver yes to perform this task, from A live CD. It is paradox situation, that Grml autodetection algorithms are working ammazingly while booting it like A live Cd, but after installing it on A harddrive, hardware autodetection algorithms are not able to configure hardware so GRML can not use plug and play compatible devices.

I will probably have to reinstall whole GRML without ansvering yes to a question related to autoconfigure of grmlx, because script for installing clean debian seems to me be more complicated that grml2hd script questions. And i would like to use grml, because there are some modifications and never modules and more admin tools. Even server related programs are included in The GRML package, so visually impaired user could theoretically work like a server administrator, if HTTP and FTP server tools are programmed to be usable from shell or console or atleast from Gnome.

So only user knowledge will be limit, because speakup, even yasr is included in Grml package. Please, core developers of grml, do not think about me, that I Am only listing crytism, i want to constructively cooperate with You. But because i AM not so highly intelligent like core developers, it is complex for me to repair scripts and adjusting hardware configuration by other way, than by grml2hd script.

Firstly, i will have to ban installation of xwindow. Because if i can not kill xwindow by altering console, i will not be able to work.

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