[Grml] How to install GRML to one harddrive with Windows XP installed on this harddrive?

Maurice McCarthy moss at mythic-beasts.com
Fri Jan 2 02:50:26 CET 2009


Thank you for the complement but I'm not really an expert. I've just made
all the same mistakes that you make!

Don't worry. Windows is blessedly stupid. ntldr will boot anything you
tell it to. Put in your grml CD and boot it as normal or just type
failsafe as it will be faster. Then mount the Windows partition like this:

# ntfs-3g /dev/sda1 /mnt/sda1

Now we copy the boot sector of the grml partition to the root directory of
the Windows partition. Make sure the typing is correct when you do

# dd if=/dev/sda3 of=/mnt/sda1/bootsect.sda3 bs=512 count=1

Use your text editor to add the next 2 lines to the bottom of boot.ini


Then reboot into Windows:

# shutdown -r now

ntldr should now give you a choice of booting windows or grml.

Hope this works for you
Please let us know


Janusz wrote:
> So if script GRML2hd will ask me, i can press g letter to install Group.
> If
> i can be openheart to You, Grml2hd script is good, but if ok and cancel
> choices are awailable and user do not know, when press which letter, g for
> group, or other letter for lilo, it is confusing, atleast for me.
> I have made big error yesterday, that i did not wait for Your professional
> advice, i used parted to create EXT3 partition, GRML2hd even formatted
> even
> it for me, but i have made error while pressing key for choosing, where to
> install boot loader, so i had EXT3 filesystem with all files, but i had no
> chance to boot. Do You think, that it could be made some modiffication to
> boot.ini, so ntldr module could load The kernel from EXT3 partition?
> Ubuntu
> can be loaded, but i Am aware, that The module, which ntldr is calling is
> different from the kernel. So my idea is to really make floppy drive and I
> would like to boot from EXT3 partition. I could even use Opensuse live CD
> and GUI oriented partition editor for creating unallocated space, then to
> format it in GRML, and install to this partition by using Grml2HD script.
> You gave me detailed instructions for resizing partition in GRML, i
> unfortunately started to experiment myself yesterday, i used parted and
> parted asked me, for start and end of partition, i did not know, which
> number to press, i typed first number 1 second above 52000, so i created
> partition in lenght above 52 GB, it was not A problem, because i
> accidentally corrupted NTFS partition by using gparted while trying to
> create partition in extended partition and i created one big unallocated
> space on my harddrive so my data has been gone forever. FOrtunately, i
> have
> made backups of my data.
> So I will install group on A floppy and i will try to edit configuration
> file in this floppy to boot GRML without corrupting Windows XP.
> Thank You again for Your support and the fact, that i wanted to experiment
> myself caused loss of data and i made havoc on my harddrive. But EXT3
> partition really contained The GRML installation without problems at The
> end.
> The kindness regards.
> Janusz Chmiel

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