[Grml] grml work

Maurice McCarthy moss at mythic-beasts.com
Thu Jan 1 03:58:41 CET 2009

Josh, will try to answer some of your other questions

"Once I can get this grml linux installed to the hard drive, can I?
1. remove the x-windows graphical environments because I don't need them."

Yes you can but you may need X if you want a spreadsheet and word
processor. These can be installed with
# aptitude install gnumeric abiword
which is lighter on resources or with
# aptitude install openoffice.org
which is a 'near drop-in replacement for microsoft office'

"2. remove all applications I don't need."

# aptitude remove application-name
# aptitude purge application-name
which additionally tries to remove all configuration files.

"3. install voxin for use with speakup or brltty."

Don't know. Try
# aptitude update && aptitude search voxin

"4. set up my wireless USB adapter so I can have internet access in grml

Very likely yes. Plugin your usb adapter before you boot grml and see if
it just works. grml comes with the drivers for a number of popular
wireless chipsets. Some require firmware to be installed from outside of
the Debian system. (grml is a flavour of debian)

"5. if I want x-windows gui, can I install gnome desktop with orca and use
that? ubuntu doesn't want to work on here, so maybe gnome then will work
with grml1.1?"

Absolutely. Do
# aptitude search orca
to find the proper name of the package. Then do
# aptitude install gnome-orca
Or whatever came back from the search

"6. once I got it all customized, including having automatic speech at
startup, could I use some grml text-based software could to make my own
custom linux live-cd/install cd? "

Absolutely. There is a grml script to do this. Try
# man grml-scripts

And again, Josh you asked:

"  ok, so now I have a question.
can someone tell me, keeping in mind that I have never used linux before in
my whole entire life, I am a complete newby to grml and commandline linux.
But if I am going to be a network administrator I will need to learn some
kind of Linux distribution, what matters is that it has a Linux kernel which
of course, grml has it because it's Linux... so, can someone give me an
introduction to it? "

Google the linux cookbook 2nd edition by Michael Stutz for a good intro.
The pdf is $40 from O'Reilly. It is in google.books.com for a preview. The
recipes allow you to do something with the machine. Therefore you get
feedback and satisfaction when you do something right. Learning theory and
details then means something to your own experience of using linux. Every
one says to read the man pages. But they are very hard indeed for a
beginner. The cookbook is much better.

Best Wishes

Additional to my previous post about partitioning and duel booting, it is
good careful practice for a budding sysadmin to back up the entire windows
installation before even beginning. See the documentation on partimagae to
do this from the live CD.

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