[Grml] grml and mactel

Johannes Kastl ojkastl at gmx.de
Sat Feb 28 18:36:04 CET 2009

On 2/28/09 1:16 PM Chaitat Piriyasatit wrote:
> I booted grml from the live cd on macmini.  I plugged an 8GB usb
> flash drive into the macmini.  I used grml2hd to install onto my
> flash drive.

OK so far.

> I then rebooted macmini while the flash was plugged.  Refit saw my
> flash drive with a linux icon.  


> I chose to boot from that.  I failed.

Not good.

> The error message was something like cannot find OS to be loaded.

Sorry to say that, but without a crystal ball no one will be able to
help. Maybe you should tell the *exact* error message?

Maybe you could test the stick on a non-mac computer, just to be sure
that it is working? And that this issue is (or is not) related to e.g.

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