[Grml] How to use GRML to check whether a hard disk is failing

Maurice McCarthy manselton at googlemail.com
Tue Dec 22 19:21:22 CET 2009


Try http://grml.org/files/release-2009.10/dpkg_list or look at

# grml-tips disk

There will be other tools but I cannot think offhand. The suite of
programs ntfs-3g might help. Sorry not to be more useful but I've just
started my shift offshore in the North Sea. I'll see if I can dig any
thing out in the morning.

Best Wishes

On 22/12/2009, Michael Whapples <mwhapples at aim.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am wondering whether GRML can help me here. I have agreed to check a
> computer (tomorrow) for someone as it isn't booting properly (its a
> windows XP computer). By the sound of it I suspect the hard disk is
> failing or totally failed or windows has become corrupted to the point
> it won't boot. So my question is, how (if) can I use GRML to check
> whether the HD has failed? I know that the BIOS probably will give
> suitable warnings, but I am visually impaired and so BIOS is
> inaccessible to me, GRML is good from that angle as I have a way of
> accessing a computer without relying on what's on it.
> Thanks for any information.
> Michael Whapples
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