[Grml] Installing grml on usb stick

Peter vmail at mycircuit.org
Wed Apr 8 09:43:03 CEST 2009

> Make sure to check out our new grml2usb (available from grml-testing
> repository currently), it's really awesome. :)
> regards,
> -mika-
Great, I find usb sticks with grml on it increasingly useful to replace 
hard disk installations ( the system stuff, not the data). I am going to 
experiment with a setup for my different servers ( mail, web , openldap) 
with a grml - xen0 on a ubs stick and the guests on an encrypted 
truecrypt volume, with each guest running one server in a fine tuned 
minimal environment. Since the xom0 will be on a read only volume (  
truecrypt does not support encrypted system volumes for linux ) , I am 
expecting good security with respect to intrusion and to physical theft 
at the same time.

I know that sounds paranoid, but the real question is: is it paranoid 
enough ? :-\

Thanks for grml-on-usb


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