[Grml] for loop zsh parse error 100% cpu

Frank Terbeck ft at grml.org
Thu Sep 11 11:40:30 CEST 2008

Michael Prokop <mika at grml.org>:
> > i meant 'NO!' of course. it works with 'zsh -f'!
> Alright, so definitely some kind of problem in our config.
> @Frank: care to investigate on that?

Yes, I already tried it.

Given the code that introduces the bug:

for i in 1 2 3; do
zsh: parse error

Clearly hints to something in our configuration, because that's pretty
basic zsh syntax. However, I'm not sure the vcs_info() stuff is
responsible here.

I can reproduce the problem with grml's config (even though on my box
zsh does _not_ eat 100% CPU after that).

If I *disable* the vcs_info() code by:
    % zstyle 'vcs_info:*:' enable false

I _still_ get the parse error.

I cannot reproduce this with my own configuration - from which I
cut'n'pasted the vcs_info() code into the grml setup. That means, I'm
using the same code in my config.

I do have a suspicion, where the problem may be located.

Matthias, does this still happen for you after disabling vcs_info():
zstyle 'vcs_info:*:' enable false

I suspect you can and I'm looking at my suspicion right now.

Regards, Frank

In protocol design, perfection has been reached not when there is
nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.
                                                  -- RFC 1925

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