[Grml] include liblinuxlive in linuxrc please

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Tue Sep 2 07:52:20 CEST 2008

On Mon, 25 Aug 2008 14:01:52 +0200, Michael Prokop wrote:

>> Can you create a generic structure like
>> /grml/release/{small,large,x64}/
>> so different grml releases play along nicely with each other?
> Nice idea, I'll check this out. I've attached the
> I've attached it to the bug report:
> http://bts.grml.org/grml/issue466

I've been playing with the slax derivatives for a while, and found that
their modular approach is very appealing. For example, instead of having 
structure like, 


The slax derivatives' modular way is that large based on media which is in
turn based on small. For example, here's a sample module layout (ripped
off from http://forums.wolvix.org/index.php/topic,583.0.html):

* 01_kernel (Guess what's in here)

* 02_core (Core tools, like bash, and the basic GNU utilities)

* 03_ base_app (CLI applications like MC, Elvis, htop and Multimedia tools like ogg, normalize.)

* 04_base_lib (Basic libraries used by many apps. Mostly audio related.)

* 05_base_net (CLI network tools like mutt, elinks, bind, traceroute, etc.)

-- The grml small edition starts and ends here.

* 06_x11 (Xorg and fonts.)

* 07_common_desk (Xfce plus goodies, Fluxbox plus "goodies", icons, themes, wallpapers, etc. This one I'll break up a bit more, to separate Flux and Xfce.)

* 08_common_lib (All libs and requirements for the common applications. A lot of Gnome, graphics and multimedia libraries and bindings. Xfce has some deps here, guess I need to sort them out.)

* 09_common_app (All the GUI applications, network apps, graphics apps, office tools, multimedia apps, you name it. Guess this might be broken up a bit too)

-- grml Media ends here.

* 10_more_lib (All the libraries and requirements for the apps in Hunter)

* 11_more_app (All additional apps for Hunter, not found in Cub plus large
things like Java and Samba. Perhaps I could make the two last separate

-- grml large ends here.

This is just an example showing how Wolvix does module layout. The modular
approach has many advantages, For example, all files which belongs to
Xwindow are packed in xwindow module, KOffice related stuff is in koffice
module, etc. If you work with KOffice, you usually need only files from
KOffice and nothing else; and hence all files from that part of the
filesystem are separated from the rest of it, your CD drive has to seek
only in a 10 MB area. This significantly improves the speed. Another great
advantage is that, I never need to remaster slax any more, putting my
extra stuff in is just as simple as putting in several modules. and I
separate my own modules according to how often they are updated -- my
live-usb always contains the latest tools/docs of my own, without going
through the remastering process.

I know grml is different but the spirit is the same. For example, we
can put forensic analysis, and network-penetration/intruder-detection tools
into different modules, and load them only when necessary.

All above just requires including liblinuxlive (from
http://www.linux-live.org/) into linuxrc, then the modular approach can be
supported by grml. I can write more if anyone is interested.


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