[Grml] it's still there.

Doug Smith dougsmith1 at charter.net
Thu Oct 30 01:53:35 CET 2008

Ok, I tried to start the latest devel iso of grml with swspeak, and it
wouldn't start.  I also tried to do the same with today's latest daily

What I am wondering is this: When will this issue be fixed so that I
will have back my 

grml swspeak

followed by 

swspeak at the completion of the bootup process?

Is there some other command I could give and get something other than: 

fatal error setting up software speakup

and then: 

sorry, software synthesizer not available.  Did you boot with swspeak
boot option?

Please fix this as soon as possible, and let me know when I can return
to using grml like I did on my 32-bit machine.  

Thanks most sincerely:

Doug Smith

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