[Grml] VMware and 2.6.26-grml kernel

T o n g mlist4suntong at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 13 18:29:24 CEST 2008

On Mon, 13 Oct 2008 09:05:02 +0200, Michael Prokop wrote:

>> "With 2.6.26 and VMWare 6.5 _no_ any-any patch is needed anymore (6.5.0
>> build-118166). The graphical installer works just fine and all the
>> modules work out of the box"

Yes, "as advertised" after applying the following fix.

> http://wiki.grml.org/doku.php?id=grml_devel -> "Kernel headers not fully
> functional, execute kernel-headers-fix.sh to fix the issue on-the-fly."
> -> http://grml.org/2.6.26/kernel-headers-fix.sh

works perfect. 
thanks a lot mika. 

Tong (remove underscore(s) to reply)

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