[Grml] msmtp through ssh-tunnel

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Sat Oct 11 00:31:00 CEST 2008

* John Magolske <listmail at b79.net> [20081010 00:36]:

> This might be more appropriately directed to msmtp-users, but as
> there's the following in the ~/.msmtprc that came with grml, I
> thought I'd check here first.

>   # use ssh-tunnel
>   # ==============
>   # set up tunnel via ssh:
>   # ssh -l mika -L 9999:your.rootserver.tld:25 user at sshserver.tld -N -f
>   #
>   # host localhost
>   # port 9999

> Wanting to tunnel msmtp through ssh, I tried this in my ~/.msmtprc:

>   from username1 at mydomain.net
>   ssh -l john -L 9999:mydomain.net:25 username1 at mydomain.net -N -f
>   host localhost
>   port 9999

> And in ~/.muttrc :       set sendmail="/usr/bin/msmtp"

> But got the following error when attempting to send a message:

>   msmtp: /home/john/.msmtprc: line 25: unknown command ssh

> Probably I'm overlooking something(s) obvious regarding the use of
> ssh and msmtp... Should that ssh command be invoked independently of
> msmtp somehow, maybe in a wrapper script? Should I be looking at the
> set_sendmail.sh script?

Yes, the ssh command needs to be executed from inside a shell.

I tried to clarify that in grml's ~/.msmtprc now:


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