[Grml] Change Speech language according to the lang cheat-code

Cleverson clever92000 at yahoo.com.br
Wed Oct 1 00:03:45 CEST 2008

Hello all

I don't know if there is time enough to add this feature for the next
GRML stable release. Anyways, here is my request:

Whenever one chooses a language at the boot prompt by issueing the lang
cheat-code, and then issue swspeak too, it would be nice if the ESpeak
synthesiser came speaking in that specified language. In my case it
would be Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR).

I don't have technical skills enough to submit a patch, but I'm almost
sure it can be done editing both
"/etc/speech-dispatcher/speechd.conf" and
"/etc/speech-dispatcher/modules/espeak.conf" files.

Many thanks

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