[Grml] First contact with grml_small 2008.11

Peter vmail at mycircuit.org
Tue Nov 25 14:39:46 CET 2008

Thanks a lot for the new release.
I just installed grml_small and it works fine. I had to tweak things and 
I do not know if this was due to my ignorance, if it was a feature or a 
bug, so I just report it:

I did the harddisk install (grml_small) and I _unselected_ dhcp.

I noticed on startup that pump was working, and in fact , the dhcp 
option was activated ( = yes ) in the autoconfig file.
I also noticed that networking was not in the onlevel column (2,3,4,5) 
in runlevel.conf, I am not sure if this is necessary, but after the 
install, networking did not come up on rebooting.
I also was wondering , why resolv.conf was symlinked to some other file. 
As far as I understood, if dhcp is not used,than resolv.conf is required 
and should not be overridden on startup.
Finally I was wondering , if utf8 should not be the default even in 
grml_small  (echo $LANG returns "C").

Again, please forgive if these are newbie questions and thanks for you help


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