[Grml] [grml] config questions

Dietmar Segbert didi.segbert at arcor.de
Thu Mar 27 17:48:00 CET 2008

Hello Micka

thanks for your help.
I have added the modules snd-sb16 and parport-pc in the correct order into  
/etc/modules and that works.

I have spend a lot of time to become dsl to work. pppoeconf has created a  
file dsl-provider in /ettc/ppp/peers/ and pon dsl-provider start the  
connection. If i run lynx like: lynx http://www.wdr.de nothing will  
happen. If i add a line : nameserver to the two existing lines  
of nameservers in /etc/resolv.conf the above lynx-command works.

How can i add a extra  dns-server to resolve.conf or must i change  
something into the dsl-provider file?

I want to add the aqmoney-0.6.x paket and openhbci, and the aqmoney- 
interface, so i have done.

apt-cache search banking

to look how the correct name of the paket is, but there is only the  
aqbanking package.
Can i download the package from an other server and install aqmoney?

Another question to start the grml from usb-stick modified for the eeePC,  
grml starts from usb-stick, if have added a line options snd-hda-intel  
model=3stack-dig in the alsa-base and have created a modified initrd-file.  
also i have created a second partition of 300MB (ext2) on that usb-stick.  
The label of the second partition is GRMLCONFIG. grml boot from usb-stick  
and the df command shows, that the stick is /dev/sdb1. So i added the  
myconfig=/dev/sdb2 to the syslinux.cfg, but grml does not mount the the  
/dev/sdb2 partition and restore my config.tbz from there.
What can i do or must i use an other bootparameter?

Thanks for your help.



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