[Grml] swspeak, sound shutdown on eeePC

Nico Golde nico at ngolde.de
Mon Mar 10 15:18:54 CET 2008

Hi Dietmar,
* Dietmar Segbert <didi.segbert at arcor.de> [2008-03-08 10:10]:
> after spending a lot of time i was able to boot grml 1.1 rC6 from a usb- 
> stick. The swspeak starts also as brltty, but i do not hear anything.
> I also did not hear anything playing a mp3-file with mplayer.
> How can i set up the volume or unmute the soundcard, so that i can hear  
> anything.

Can you post the output of amixer?

> If i shutdown the eepc with the command shutdown -h now, the PC did not  
> shutdown properly. To turn the eeePC off, i must press the button for  

This is a bug in the snd-hda-intel sound driver, 
unfortunately you need to unload it before shutting down, 
this is a known bug and will hopefully get fixed soon by 

Kind regards
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