[Grml] cupsys error

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Wed Mar 5 08:55:36 CET 2008

* Sean Kennedy <sean.worker at gmail.com> [20080305 03:17]:

> I see you've already opened a bug for this on Debian (Debian Bug report logs
> - #459362):
> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=459362

> Did you come across any workaround?

IIRC (it wasn't on my own box and I currently don't have access to
it) I either fall back to an older version of cupsys or the real
reason for failure was caused by another problem in the cups config.

First of all: you do have "DefaultAuthType Basic" inside
/etc/cups/cupsd.conf, right? Also make sure you didn't activate
the checkbox 'Use Kerberos authentication' on

Read http://localhost:631/help/kerberos.html?TOPIC=Getting+Started
for a little bit information about cups with kerberos.

If you checked all of the above and your setup still doesn't work I
suggest trying an older version of cupsys - grab it from:


BTW: If you don't do that already: consider using mercurial[1] or
gitkeeper[2] for maintaining /etc under version control, it really
helps in restoring old, working conffiles. :)

[1] http://michael-prokop.at/blog/2007/03/14/maintain-etc-with-mercurial-on-debian/
[2] http://packages.debian.org/sid/etckeeper

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