[Grml] Grml and inetd

C.M. Brannon cmbrannon at cox.net
Sat Mar 1 05:16:19 CET 2008

Tong writes:
> If ftpd is started from inetd, then one can use the /etc/inetd.conf and
> /etc/services to specify which port the ftpd is listening on. 

Changing the definition of ftp in /etc/services seems like a bad thing
to do.  But YMMV.

Now I'm getting out of my league, because I don't run an ftpd.
But looking at the vsftpd.conf manpage, you can set a listen_port parameter.
You can probably do something similar with wu-ftpd.
Same definitely goes for sshd; I regularly run it on a nonstandard port,
and I have to edit /etc/ssh/ssh-config for that.
Most daemons have their own config file for specifying this and other parameters.

-- Chris

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