[Grml] grml newbie

Maurice McCarthy moss at mythic-beasts.com
Sat Jun 28 05:02:18 CEST 2008

Hi again

Try testdisk for a diagnosis.
Read ntfstools and/or ntfs3g

To safely mount an ntfs partition use ntfsmount
Unmount with fusermount -u ...

Sorry that is the best I can do.

Really good luck

> Hello,
> I have been a unix/linux user for  roughly 15 years, but have just
> recently learned about the concepts and power behind grml (yesterday).
> I am blind, and an very pleased with the integration of speakup and brltty
> into the grml live cd.
> My first "job" with grml is to try to diagnose/recover a windows laptop.
> It had problems right from the beginning when we opened the box from the
> manufacturer, but my daughter was able to keep it going for 2.5 yerars.
> This spring it simply stopped booting even after a full re-install of
> windows.
> Any tips on system diagnostics that I could run would be
> appreciated._______________________________________________
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