[Grml] IRC-log contents related to hardware problem

Keith Hinton Keithint38 at CommSpeed.net
Sun Jun 15 03:20:57 CEST 2008

Hello all, I have an AMD64-bit box with an interesting hardware quirk.
Hear is the contents of and IRC log, and hopefully this helps.
Suggestions, please!

<Keith-BlindUser> Hello all. I have an odd quirk in my hardware on another 
<Keith-BlindUser> I need assistance in troubleshooting the issue, and  har 
it is.
<Keith-BlindUser> hear
<Keith-BlindUser> Note: I only speak english, not German, so..
<Keith-BlindUser> Hear goes.
<Keith-BlindUser> The GRML CD boots, or starts too, sort of. Then, the CD 
hangs, at: "Mounting TMPFS." The word "Segmentation Fault" appears next to 
that. I have had someone read me the screen.
<Keith-BlindUser> The amount of RAM int he other box is 1G or 1024M. But the 
box does this constantly. I would run memtest86, but have had noone 
available to read me any possible errors with the RAM.
<Keith-BlindUser> I've ran Memtest multiple times.
<Keith-BlindUser> But I'm not just going to give up without a fight.
<Keith-BlindUser> So I want to know if posible any kernel command-line 
arguments I could try
<Keith-BlindUser> It may be bad RAM, but I'm not simply going to take that 
for an answer until I have ran out of possibilities.

**End of IRC log Contents.



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