[Grml] a couple of questions, please.

Doug Smith dougsmith1 at charter.net
Tue Jan 29 06:09:09 CET 2008

Ok, I have a few questions here I want answers for.  I have been using the new release candidate for GRML and I really 
like it.  I just have a couple of problems I wish to know if anyone else has had with this version, and I would like to 
know something about the apt-get install grml process.  

First of all, has anyone had this problem with the installation of packages?  I ask the system to add on some packages, 
primarily some languages I want to use in programming.  This is what happens.  The first time, right after you install 
the system to the hard disc from a cd you get this: 
wajig installrs bwbasic

There is only one package to go and get, and everything works exactly like it should.  Fine and well, but not really the 

Now, when you go to install even more, you get this: 

wajig installrs gobjc

This time, we need lots of c libraries and the search is on.  The process of acquiring the deb files is perfect, but, 
after the programs says that it has fetched so many bytes of archives in so many seconds, and asks if you want to 
continue, the thing just stops.  You tell it you do with the y and there is just a blank line at the bottom of the 
screen.  No matter how many times you hit the return key after entering the y, you are just hung there, blocked forever 
in a failed function call until you control-c your way out and have to manually call dpkg to install the files you know 
you have.  

Now, there is no way that I can see to fix this.  I have done everything from reinstalls of dpkg, debconf, apt, wajig 
and apt itself.  This does nothing for the problem.  I have even had the system reconfigure everything it has in order 
to make sure that all the programs know that everything is there.  
Now, I have another problem.  What is wrong with cdtool?  Each time I try to play a cd, I get this: 

cdplay: can't play no disc

This is not true, as I have just inserted a professionally produced cd into the drive before doing this.  Why will 
cdplay not play?

Why will wajig installrs package-name not actually install the recommended and suggested packages? 

Now, I need to know about the wajig installrs grml or apt-get install grml, whichever you wish to call it.  If you do 
this, for instance from the 1.0 nstable version, why do you not get the new kernel, the new speakup, the new 
configuration files and more that the new version has in it?  It seems that then entire thing would be upgraded and you 
would just need to reboot in order to get it all.  What actually happens here?

I am sorry to just keep writing in with problems.  As I stated some time ago, I intend to stay with grml.  It is a very 
good distro, and, thanks for the speech.  If anyone could tell me how to fix these problems, and about the upgrade 
process, I would be glad to learn more.  I can also read the upgrading page on the wiki.  


Doug Smith.

I use grml (http://grml.org/)

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