[Grml] RC 1.1 troubles (ignore last post)

C.M. Brannon cmbrannon at cox.net
Tue Jan 1 22:05:28 CET 2008

Hi all,
Sorry for that last post.  I accidentally sent it before it was complete!
Anyway, I burned the 1.1 RC1 ISO to a blank medium with
cdrecord -data dev=/dev/hdc grml_1.1-rc1.iso
The MD5 checksum on the ISO is correct, and the recording process finished
successfully.  I can mount the CD-ROM, and all the requisite files are present.

I booted the system, with the command-line
grml swspeak
But instead of booting the CD, I was presented with my hard-disk installation
of grml.
It was as though I did not have a bootable disk in the drive.
So I found my grml 1.0 medium, and rebooted.
That time, I booted into the live CD, as expected.

I tried burning the 1.1 RC1 ISO to a second medium, just in case the first
was damaged.  That didn't work.

It seems unusual that the 1.1 RC1 disk won't boot, while the 1.0 CD will boot.
I'm running without a monitor, so the boot sequence isn't visible.
I should probably ask someone to connect a monitor and read the boot sequence
to me, but that's a big hastle.
Am I missing something here?  Is anyone else booting the 1.1 RC1 live CD
with speech?

-- Chris

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